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Terms & Conditions for Reproducing Photographs

These terms and conditions cover the reproduction of photographs for education taken by Richard Phillips (1947-2015). Enquiries from editors and picture researchers are welcome and should be directed to Will Phillips trading as Badsey Publications. Unless otherwise agreed, the following terms and conditions will apply.

  1. The fees shown below in UK pounds apply to printed publications for educational or charitable purposes. For other uses, please enquire.

    Rights: - World, English language, one time use, non-exclusive.
    1/8 page: £87
    1/4 page: £106
    1/2 page: £118
    Full page: £150
    Book Cover: £312
    Inside CD booklet: £100
    CD cover: £150

    Single country rights, one language, one time use, non exclusive.
    1/8 page: £75
    1/4 page: £87
    1/2 page: £106
    Full page: £137
    Book Cover: £250
    Inside CD booklet: £87
    CD cover: £137

    Re-use. For new editions with under 20% editorial change there is no extra charge. With over 20% editorial change - 50% of the original fee.

    These revised rates apply to anything published after 15 January 2008.

  2. Photographs will be supplied as digital images. We normally supply CMYK TIFF files allowing reproduction at 300dpi or better.

  3. Permission to reproduce a picture is granted to the client only when the fee for the reproduction has been paid in full.

  4. The client must accompany any reproduction of a picture with an appropriate credit line or copyright notice, e.g. "Photograph: Richard Phillips".

  5. These terms do not apply to the Peoplescapes composite documentary photographs.

Note - we are currently not VAT registered so no VAT is added.