Numbers: Facts, Figures & Fiction by Richard Phillips

Numbers: Facts, Figures & Fiction front cover
Published by Badsey Publications.

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Have you ever wondered how Room 101 got its name, or what you measure in oktas? Which number links Alice in Wonderland, rainbows and the Egyptian Book of the Dead? You will find the answers in Numbers. The book is full of facts, both mathematical and cultural, tantalising problems and anecdotes. A light-hearted reference book for all ages.

This new edition has been updated with dozens of new articles, illustrations and photographs. The main entries span the numbers from zero to 200.

Some press comments –

“This entertaining and accessible book is even more attractive in its second edition...”
– Jennie Golding in The Mathematical Gazette

“...tangential flights into maths, myth and mystery...”
– Vivienne Greig in New Scientist

... and on the first edition –

“Beautifully and devotedly made, this large thin book is a cheerful and eccentric guide to the integers...”
– Philip and Phylis Morrison in Scientific American

“This delightful A4 book is a must for every school library. Beautifully illustrated in full colour...”
– Sue Pope in Mathematics Teaching

Contents –

Originally published by Cambridge University Press in 1994. This second edition published by Badsey Publications in 2004.

A4 size, paperback, 144 pages, 332 photographs and 146 other illustrations in full colour.
ISBN (10) 0954656202
ISBN (13) 9780954656201

Details of the old hardback edition.