Number 14


= 2 × 7

= 1 + 4 + 9
A pyramidal number – the sum of the first three square numbers.

= 2 + 3 + 4 + 5

A pyramid of 14 balls.
A pyramid of 14 balls.

There are 14 pounds in a stone and 14 days in a fortnight.

February 14 is St Valentine's day.

The humble woodlouse has 14 legs arranged as seven pairs.

The flag of Myanmar (formerly Burma) has 14 stars representing its 14 states.

The French word for a fortnight is quinze jours or 15 days. If a fortnight begins and ends on a Tuesday, does it contain two Tuesdays or three Tuesdays? And so does it have 14 days or 15 days? Who is being more logical? The French or the English?


Cuboctahedron net

Gold earring in the shape of a cuboctahedron

A cuboctahedron is a solid with 14 sides. It has six squares and eight equilateral triangles.

The lower illustration shows one of a pair of gold earrings in the shape of a cuboctahedron. They are about 1500 years old and were found in a tomb in Germany.

Under British law, when you reach the age of 14 –

Number 14