Twelve days

This number adventure is based on the song 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'.
In the box below, type in any whole number and see what you can discover.
Your aim is to discover the partridge's private number.
Try starting with the numbers from one to twelve.

Which number?

This adventure was written by Sam Costello in the 1980s for the BBC computer. It has been adapted and expanded for the internet by Richard Phillips.

The Christmas competition has now ended but you may continue to work on the puzzle. Congratulations to everybody who discovered the partridge's private number. There were 71 entries including four from the US and one from Canada. The six prize winners chosen at random are: Georgie Linnett of Solihull, James Andrew Scott of Aboyne, Natalie Young of Durham, Rebekah Hardy of Louth, Iain Bowler of Tottenham and Kara Graham of Coleraine.

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